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Lois Kosch Featured in "Women at Work: Gender Roles Blur in the Workplace" for San Diego Metro Magazine

San Diego Metro Magazine

March, 2014 | Related Attorney Lois M. Kosch | Topic: Employment

We spend a lot of time at work, which makes it a big part of who we are. The experience of the workplace varies greatly for different individuals, but most people expect to be judged on merits, being recognized for accomplishments, unique talents, insights and efforts.

Women in the workplace are one of the biggest "emerging markets" in our economy. The increased level of influence that women have in making the purchasing and strategic planning decisions for both work and home can be seen in the changing demographics of marketing and advertising campaigns across our economy.

"Women continue to move into non-traditional roles such as project management, field supervision and operations, where in the past women were typically part of the office staff or support services," says Allison Beall, director of business development for Pacific Building Group, a San Diego-based general contractor.

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