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Daily Journal, Should we 'flip the system' from litigation to mediation first?

May 7, 2021 | Related Attorney Leonid M. Zilberman | Topic: Employment

Full disclosure: I’ve learned and practiced in the litigation and trial system for over 25 years. Yet, it appears more and more that traditional dispute resolution – litigation through jury and court trials – is failing to meet today’s needs. One of the little secrets that the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed is the fact that jury trials – often touted as the purest form of obtaining justice – are, at best, not the answer to the ever-skyrocketing lawsuits, most recently heavily focused on employment and business relationships, gone awry. Litigation is slow, expensive and often disappointing (even the perceived “winner”). Over more than a year now, the COVID pandemic has pierced our illusion of certainty and control in the justice system.

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