• Dec 18
    Daily Journal, Lessons learned when a termination goes sideways

    One of the mantras of Silicon Valley, perhaps best espoused by Meta's CEO Mark Zuckerberg as a model for any technology company is: "Move fast and break things." The same cannot be said of employment termination in California and the recent Sam Altman saga is perhaps Exhibit "A" why all California employers should have a good business reason before making any snap termination decision.

  • Nov 10
    Daily Journal, Will AI mediators soon replace humans? The simple answer is no

    I recently watched a TED talk with renowned film director Shekhar Kapur, who spoke about two concepts that he believed were the essence of humanity. First, humans become the stories we tell ourselves. Kapur argues that we humans know we exist because we tell stories about ourselves and end up living out the things we tell ourselves. Second, Kapur theorizes that the Universe is one giant contradiction and humans spend our lives looking for harmony and unity. When you think about it, looking for harmony is what musicians do, as well as architects and mathematicians, and mediators who try to bridge divides to settle disputes. Trying to find harmony or common ground with people in conflict is the first principle of mediation.

  • Jun 8
    Daily Journal, Transforming the workplace begins with lawyers

    I'm not a rabbi, but I am Jewish. The Torah (Five Books of Moses) is divided into weekly Parshahs or portions, which are read and discussed. If I were giving a sermon this week, the theme would be "transforming the workplace begins with lawyers."

  • Jan 19
    MCLE Self Study: New California Employment Laws for 2023

    The 2022 California legislative session was a productive year with the Governor signing 997 bills into law and vetoing 169, of which 90 employment bills were signed while 27 were vetoed. Workplaces will experience notable changes in the new year—including leave, pay, and retaliation—noteworthy legislation discussed here.

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