• Jun 1
    The California Legislative Report - June 2022

    The California Legislature has been quite active as its summer recess approaches, including as the key deadline for bills to pass the first legislative chamber has now expired.  Not surprisingly, many bills were unable to surmount this key hurdle and are presumably stalled for this year, including bills that would have amended the FEHA to preclude “family responsibility” discrimination (AB 2182), required larger employers to submit annual reports detailing work-related statistics (AB 2095), required employers to develop worker biometric policies (SB 1189), and encouraged employers to provide student loan repayment assistance for employees (AB 1729).

  • May 9
    The California Legislative Report - May 2022

    With the expiration of the deadlines for bills to pass initial key committee votes, the California Legislative Session for 2022 is coming into clearer focus.  To the relief of many employers and human resources professionals, some of the more controversial employment bills appear to have stalled, including the proposed four-day workweek (AB 2932), the wide-reaching Workplace Technology Accountability Act (AB 1651), and the mandatory COVID-19 workplace vaccination rules (AB 1993).  There were also several employer-sponsored bills that stalled, including proposed further extensions of the employment information exemption to the California Consumer Privacy Act (SB 1454/AB 2871/AB 2891).  

  • Apr 15
    The California Legislative Report - April 2022

    With the arrival of Spring, the California Legislative Session for 2022 is fully underway, with most bills heading to key initial committee votes in their chamber of origin before the April 29th deadline.  Although this is only the first step in the legislative process, these substantive committee votes will indicate which bills have enough support to move forward and which bills will be culled early in the process.  Not surprisingly, there are a number of significant employment bills under consideration.

  • Mar 7
    The California Legislative Report - March 2022

    The 2022 Legislative Session is officially underway and has already resulted in new laws at the federal level limiting employment arbitration agreements regarding sexual assault/harassment claims (HR 4445) and in California reinstating COVID-19 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave (SB 114).

  • May 9
    Daily Journal, It's past time we recognize and root out 'Bro Culture' in the workplace

    Last December, Riot Games agreed to pay $100 million dollars to settle a class action lawsuit that was brought, in part, by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing. The gaming company was accused of tolerating a ‘bro culture’ in which women were subjected to sexual harassment, pay inequities and gender discrimination, as well as a constant barrage of obnoxious and toxic behavior.

  • Feb 2
    Daily Journal, Nudging towards a harassment-free workplace

    As best as I can recall, it was over three decades ago that I first heard the phrase "sexual harassment." It was October 1991, and along with millions of Americans I watched the confirmation hearing for Supreme Court appointee Clarence Thomas with amazement as an all-male panel of senators interrogated then-35-year-old law school professor Anita HIll about porn stars and pubic hair on a Coke can, among other previously unthinkable subjects for a Senate committee hearing.