Practice Details

Product Liability

Today, we live in a culture of blame.  We have become a society of victims in search of a scapegoat to sue, some entity to hold responsible for whatever ill may befall us.  For manufacturers, retailers or distributors of products, free enterprise, although exciting, can also be frightening.  WTK’s attorneys understand this.

Our attorneys are skilled and experienced in defending manufacturers, distributors and retailers of products when they become the target of a product liability lawsuit.  WTK’s product liability practice is widely recognized as one of the finest in the region.  Our attorneys have successfully defended a vast array of corporations in various types of liability suits, ranging from medical products distributors to automobile manufacturers.

Our experience has sensitized us to the practical considerations that affect the defense of product liability suits.  We continually assess the merits of each case to avoid imprudent litigation and unnecessary defense costs, as well as the effect of defense and settlement of one lawsuit on other similar cases.  Our goal in every instance is to protect our clients' interests in the most cost-effective way possible.

Representative Matters

  • Defending an automobile manufacturer in a wrongful death suit against roof and seatbelt failure allegations.
  • Defending an automobile manufacturer in a suit brought by two young men and a young woman suffering partial amputations and third degree burns over as much as 60% of their bodies as  a result of an alleged failure of their pick-up truck’s  “mid-ship” fuel tank.
  • Defending an automobile manufacturer in a suit involving allegations that a sixteen year old suffered brain injuries as a result of alleged defects in her passenger restraint system.
  • Defending a tractor manufacturer in an action by a worker who claimed that he sustained permanent, total disability from limb and shoulder injuries.
  • Defending a forklift manufacturer in a wrongful death action brought by the widow and three children of the thirty-nine year old decedent, alleging design and warning defects.
  • Defending a chemical manufacturer in a suit claiming personal injuries from exposure to freon-based solvents in the workplace.
  • Defending a medical device manufacturer sued as a result of a nerve injury, claimed to be caused by an electronic device used to administer medicine.