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Investigations are a critical tool for employers in the prevention, identification and resolution of misconduct and wrongdoings in the workplace. With each complaint carrying the threat of legal exposure, an unbiased, ethical and thorough investigation is the strongest safeguard for public and private companies, educational institutions and nonprofits against current and future labor issues.

Our attorneys leverage extensive investigation and litigation experience in the employment-law arena to advise on—and conduct—impartial investigations involving the highly sensitive and complex allegations of abusive conduct, bullying, discrimination, harassment, implicit bias, retaliation, substance abuse, violence and whistleblower complaints, among other violations of an employer’s policies and challenges.

The demand for support in guiding and managing these challenging investigations is high. Our practice group can swiftly dispatch the attorney, or team, with the requisite knowledge and experience to advise and assist clients with internal investigations. Our firm’s diverse multicultural and multilingual team has a heightened level of awareness of the complexities of these internal complaints—ensuring these often-sensitive, nuanced challenges and workplace issues are deftly navigated with skill and empathy.

WTK’s broad expertise defending employers against high-stakes employment disputes, developing comprehensive personnel policies and conducting in-house employment practices training, means our team understands that comprehensive, impartial workplace investigations are crucial to upholding an employer’s reputation while restoring and reinforcing employee morale.