Practice Details


Impartial investigations are a critical tool for employers in the prevention, identification and resolution of misconduct and wrongdoings in the workplace. WTK’s attorney investigators have broad employment law experience in defending and advising employers against high-stakes employment disputes. This experience uniquely positions our attorneys to understand a timely, impartial, and thorough investigation is the strongest safeguard for public and private companies, educational institutions, and nonprofits against current and future labor issues. Our investigative services provide the decision-maker with sound, reasoned conclusions to make challenging employment decisions.

Our attorneys leverage extensive investigation, counseling, training, and litigation experience in the employment-law arena to advise on—and conduct—impartial investigations. We have experience investigating sensitive, high profile, and complex allegations of sexual assault, bullying, discrimination, harassment, retaliation, substance abuse, violence, and whistleblower complaints, among other violations of an employer’s policies. We are also skilled in conducting workplace assessments.

As impartial investigators, we are committed to providing conscientious investigative services to uncover any causes of conflict in an efficient manner. Our practice group can swiftly dispatch the attorney investigator, or team, with the requisite knowledge and experience to meet our client’s needs. Our firm’s diverse multicultural and multilingual team has a heightened level of awareness of the complexities of internal complaints—ensuring nuanced challenges and workplace issues are deftly navigated with skill and empathy. WTK’s investigative process follows established protocols and methodologies to assure a thorough and consistent examination of all relevant evidence. Our investigative reports are practical, comprehensive, and tailored to our client’s needs.

WTK’s attorney investigators understand good faith workplace investigations are crucial to upholding an employer’s reputation while restoring and reinforcing employee morale. We are committed to helping our clients create and maintain safe, equitable, and harassment free spaces for their staff.